Feel as if your competitors are doing better than you in social media?

Want to understand what the current conversations and trends are that you can tap in to?

Need a coherent snapshot to help get you on track?

Social media research has many different guises. You may have heard about social media audits, social listening and social landscaping and they all amount to more or less the same thing; a body of information from which you can gather actionable insights for social media marketing.

As pioneers of this kind of work, we use four key research pillars to create a robust and meaningful end result and they are:

Brand auditing: This is what we call the vanity audit because it is a reflection of your branded social media presence looking at qualitative and quantitive performance across channels

Competitor audit: This activity puts your performance in the context of your competitors. A valuable benchmarking exercise, it is useful for creating KPI frameworks too.

Conversation: This looks at volume of online conversation across social media such as blogs and twitter and measures sentiment, conversation peaks, engagement, topics and themes. This is very useful if you are taking new products or campaigns to market.

Trends: Often overlooked, this is possibly the most important area because it layers social media with industry trends to reflect your unique environment. For example, new regulation may impact your marketing while social network developments and trends such as Vine videos or the ‘selfie’ phenomenon may herald new opportunities.

For more information on social media research for your business, please get in touch and we’ll get back to you shortly, thank you.

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